How it came to be

The name Erratús comes from the home of my higher self, Erra, which resides beyond the star cluster of Pleaides.
Thousands of years ago, Pleaidians came to Earth to assist humanity to lead them into their authentic power and embrace love. Unfortunately humans were codependent individuals and saw the Pleaidians as Gods. Pleaidians had to leave but they came up with a plan B.... They returned to earth in human form aka star seeds or star children. They chose to go through the human experience, to suffer and go to the depths of hell only to rise up. These beings are to be an example for the rest of humanity to show them what they are capable of.

As a star seed it is my mission to help people ascend and step into their true authentic selves. 
My name's Emma. I'm a natural born Shaman, with the ability to multi-dimensional travel from the age of 3. I believe that I am a crystal child star seed with my primary purpose of being a healer. 
As a spiritual life coach, I hope to be able to help as many people as possible on their journey to their inner awakening. 

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