Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession Symptoms:

• Intense anger (especially around those you care about or who are genuine)

• You push everyone away

• Constantly wanting to be alone

• Loss of passion

• Dreams of loved ones’ dying

• Chronic depression

• Insomnia

• Deep sadness

• Chakras can get blocked

• Chronic fatigue

• You can never be fulfilled

• You may see 2 sets of eyes in your reflection in a window/ mirror

• May become extremely cynical and harsh/ unreasonable

How to fight a Demon

Visualise yourself fighting this entity in your mind’s eye, using your preferred weapon of choice. Continuously visualise yourself killing this creature over and over again until you can feel your energy start to come back. Surround yourself with gold, white and purple light during this process. Ask Master Lao Tse, ascended master of the 3rd yellow ray, for assistance with this, as he is over fighting spirits and demons. If you feel an extremely low amount of energy and that you no longer have the will to fight, you must force yourself to keep going. Determination will see you through.

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