Demons are tricking you

Channeled messages, tarot cards, pendulums, Ouija boards etc., are all being manipulated by dark and negative entities. Now, I’m not saying all channeled messages are bad, but a lot of them most certainly are, especially when it involves the freewill of a person/s. In recent times I have seen a lot of tarot card readers or psychics have mental or emotional breakdowns in regards to the work that they are doing, they’re confused, things aren’t going well for them, they continue on with their “spiritual” work, and wonder why things aren’t going right, why are they so over and back. Well the reason for this is simple, and that is, what they are doing is not the right thing. Little to their awareness or understanding, they are being guided by dark beings. When things don’t go right, that is the universe’s way of saying, “you’re not supposed to be doing this”. If you are a tarot reader reading this, or just someone who follows psychics and readers on YouTube, what’s really going on with you is that you are being manipulated. Your chakras can get over taken by negative entities, and you won’t even realize it. Your emotions may be all over the place, you may feel dispassionate about your “spiritual” interests or hobbies, yet in an almost obsessive way, continue to go back to it, only to feel all over the place again.

They call this emotional and psychological crises, “the dark night of the soul”. I guess in one way that would absolutely be true, due to the fact that you are being tainted by the dark.

In the past when I went against what the cards were saying, my chakras started to open again. My pause had ended. I waited 7 years for the other chakras to open, once I had awoken to the fact that I have the power in my hands to do whatever I want, and not follow any occult guidance.

Occult is dark, spirituality is light. They are not one in the same. The occult is not part of spiritual practice. I have seen on YouTube, some people have stopped practicing reiki and yoga, as a result of having dark experiences. They have confused certain practices with the occult as a result of having undergone demonic possession or false guidance or having false beliefs. This is absolutely absurd. Doreen Virtue was demonically possessed. She was the queen of demonic possession and led thousands of individuals down a very dark path, yet she’s unaware of what was really going on behind the scenes. Demons are in the end, turning people away from the spiritual path altogether. By doing this, people won’t be able to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. They won’t be able to awaken to who they truly are nor will they be able to heal their past hurts and traumas. We will still remain asleep and co-dependent beings.

It is important to be aware of what is real and what is not during the awakening process.

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