Past lives don't exist

In so many texts, there is mention of people having past life experiences, or believing that reincarnation exists. This is simply misunderstood.

The soul only comes here once!!!

The soul sends aspects of itself into multiple dimensions, or different realities/ alternate dimensions, in order to experience different versions of itself, just as God has done. If someone remembers a "past life", they perceive it as an older lifetime, not knowing that the life that they have remembered is in fact occurring right now, at this same moment in time, in an alternate reality. There are over 350 universes occurring in parallel at any given time in a cluster, sometimes up to 450. These universes run on " God seconds". A "God second", happens in the click of a finger. To us, a God second, could be a thousand years, a million, a billion, or a trillion years in span, but to us humans we are completely unaware of what universal time actually is. Humans are like a microbe within the cosmos. So what does God look like? THE SUN! Only his color is more like how we would perceive the moon to look like. So he is both sun and moon. This is where we get the term " source" from, for that is what he truly is. The size of a universe is like comparing the size of a toenail on a full adult human, to the size of God.

God keeps these universes closest to him, while all the other, higher dimensions lie further away from him.

So, getting back to it, while we are experiencing different types of lifetimes, we are in fact aspects of God, having a physical experience.

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