Self- forgiveness

Self- forgiveness is one of the most important things that anyone can do for themselves. It is fundamental in one's healing journey. In order to forgive thyself, do the following:

  1. Visualize yourself as you are now in this current timeline, then visualize an older version of you, during a time when you were hurting yourself or another person.

  2. Imagine there is an energetic cord, bound from the current version of yourself to the older version of yourself. Like two ribbons are attached between the heart space of you both.

  3. Say whatever you need to say to yourself, such as " I know that you were not aware of what you were doing to yourself, and that's ok. I forgive you. You will learn and grow from this experience. I release this part of myself and I let it go. Everything will be ok." This is only an example of what you can say. It all depends on the experience that you are forgiving and letting go of.

  4. After you have said what you need to say, and you feel you are satisfied and can move on, you then cut the cord that is attached between the 2 versions of yourself. You can use a scissors, a sword, or simply watch the cords drift away from each other, whichever suits you best.

This process can only be done with complete sincerity. If you are not completely ready to let go of a situation or of a person from your past, then this process may not work the first time around. If this is the case, then try this technique again at a later time.

It it important to note, that also in releasing a certain aspect of yourself from the past, you must embrace that period of time in your life. You need to feel yourself back in that timeline as you were experiencing it now, find some way, even just a tiny aspect of it to enjoy, even if that was just your arrogance or nativity. When you can enjoy the experience of it, then you can truly let it go.

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