Signs of being a Shaman

· Can sense different types of energy from a very young age

· Can see demons, spirits and ghosts from as young as toddler

· Experiences a lot of traumatic illnesses or other experiences in childhood

· Has a very strong intuitive knowing and understanding of the occult

· Has precognitive sensing/ knowing

· Is very wise for their age

· Goes through a lot in life, more than most of the other people they know

· Is naturally drawn to shamanism

· Has an affinity for nature and animals

· Has the natural ability of being able to exorcise demons and spirits out of people

· Has a keen interest in their ancient heritage or ancestry

· Can astral project or multidimensional travel at will

· Has a direct line of communication with higher beings especially ascended masters

· Can communicate directly with a soul

· Has an affinity to dragons

· Can pick up energy from historic sites

· Can tap into parallel dimensions

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