Spirit transmutation

How a shaman sends spirits to the light

A shaman has the power to send an entity who has deceased on the earth plane to cross over to the other side. The entity may be stuck to the earth plane as a result of holding on to negative emotions or simply due to their spirit being kept here from demonic forces. A shaman uses their heart chakra to send these spirits over, but the shaman cannot do it by will alone. The spirit has to be willing to let go of the world that they know of and be willing to leave.

This is a straightforward and easy process. All it consists of is taking the energy of the spirit and sending it home to where it belongs, from one realm to another. The shaman, has the natural ability to travel between worlds, so this process is done in an instant. One will feel the sensation of warm energy within the heart space, then after a few seconds this energy will cease. This is a warming experience for any shaman but one that majority of beings will never experience.

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