Tarot cards are not to be used for love readings

These days it seems that there is a lot of people turning to tarot cards for advice and predictions in regards to their love life. This is one of the worst things people could be doing. If you look outside of yourself for validation or permission in regards to your romantic life, then I’m afraid that you are going to be truly disappointed. Tarot readings are a reflection of your thoughts, hopes, fears, perceptions and desires. It is not an absolute on what truly is or is not. The cards or readings may seem accurate but yet they are not at the same time.

If you are looking to know how someone feels about you, ask them. If you want to know how someone sees you or what they think of you, ask them.

But most importantly, how a person treats you is how they feel about you.

Always look inward for answers. Your intuition will never steer you wrong.

If you are dating someone that a reader suggested you to date, and you feel negative energy from them, and yet you choose to move forward with that individual anyway, you are going against your intuition. This could also lead to negative entities attaching to your aura.

You never give your power up to a deck of cards or even to what a reader says.

Tarot cards are a tool created by the dark and to be used in regards to matters of the dark. If you expect to get directed towards the light, whilst using a dark tool, you most definitely will be misguided.

Divination is not a game. Those who play with it, will endure a lot of dark energy and not know why. If you can't handle dark energy, don't play with the dark!!!

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