The planets and the chakras

Sun - Solar Plexus chakra Moon - Heart chakra Mercury - Throat chakra Venus - Sacral chakra Mars - Root chakra Jupiter - Crown chakra Saturn - Third Eye chakra

If using vedic astrology, in order to figure out how to open one's chakras, we have to look at the houses that are being ruled by a particular planet, and the house that ruling planet is sitting in. Also, any aspects or conjunctions to this ruling planet will be taken into consideration. For example, Venus is lord of the 12th house and sits in the 3rd house conjunct sun and mercury; the native with this aspect would have had issues with their friends during their adolescence. 12th house can represent emptiness, sexual pleasure, the divine, addictions, spirituality... The sun is a malefic planet and it burns, so when this is conjunct Venus ( which in this case, was a female friend), the native was bullied and verbally (mercury) abused on their looks. This thus then has an affect on the native's self- esteem and self- image which can then cause self- sabotaging behaviors. Venus represents attraction and governs the sacral chakra. When the sacral chakra has been damaged,and we don't release this negativity, one will attract more of the same energy.

In order for this bad energy to be dispersed, the native will have to forgive both themselves and their "friend", for what happened and to release and embrace that part of their life.

This is only half of how to open the sacral chakra and how one can see it through the birth chart.

More to follow :)

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