We create our own karma

Many people seem to think that if something bad happens to us, it’s someone else’s fault. No one likes to take accountability for their own actions in a situation. Now, while someone hurting you as a child is not your fault, how you feel and react to that is on you. Of course, as children we do not understand emotions and thought processing, but as we move into adolescence, we have a much better understanding of right and wrong.

Our intuition will always warn us of dealing with certain people or getting ourselves into bad situations, yet a lot of the time, we will go against our intuition. We tend to doubt ourselves, and go against ourselves and thus we will end up in negative situations. When this occurs we will end up blaming everyone else but ourselves for the bad situation that we have ended up in.

If we want to find inner peace and self - acceptance, then one will have to trust their own inner compass, and lead their own life. One must take accountability for their own actions, choices and decisions in life. If you are living out of past hurt or trauma, then first you must overcome the negative emotions and thoughts associated with that pain. Once this has been accomplished, the intuition will become a lot stronger and when one follows their intuition then better decisions and choices will be made. If you get into a particular job or career that doesn't go well, or that you aren't happy in, you'll blame your boss or colleagues. You won't blame yourself for moving into a career field that doesn't align with your passions or interests, right? Same rings true for your romantic life. If you move into a relationship with an individual based on impulse or doubt, you're going to end up in a miserable relationship and blame the other person for it. Disease and illness can take form by holding onto the anger that we hold deep inside from making bad decisions. On a conscious level, we won't think that we are sick because we chose to get ourselves into situations that doesn't align with who we truly are. Instead we will associate the sickness with stress, bad habits/ lifestyle or just simply bad luck. By going against ourselves, we can close the chakras and thus this is what causes illness. By taking accountability and acknowledging why things have gone wrong in your life, you will become self aware and live in authenticity.

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