What is a spirit attachment?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

When someone has passed over, they do not always "go to the light", and so they wander about on the earth plane, walking among us. As the spirit or negative entity, doesn't have much to be doing, they tend to look for some "fun". "Fun" to a spirit would entail haunting a person or a house. Sometimes spirits can remain in the area or location that they died in. If a person is in that same location, the spirit will try to feed off of their energy. Spirits love negative energy, it's what makes them more powerful or else it feeds into the resentment and anger that they have towards being stuck on the earth plane. Another reason the spirit can remain stuck on the earth plane is that they could have unresolved issues within themselves, could be too attached to a material object or can be holding onto so much bitterness towards someone or something that it keeps them here in the 3D.

How do I know if I have a spirit attached to me?

Spirits tend to attach themselves to people who are radiating negative energy. They can see the energy from your aura. The aura is the vibrational energy field that surrounds our physical body. You may feel like someone or something is always watching you. You may feel very depressed or anxious and don't know why. Anything that you do to rid yourself of the depression doesn't seem to help, at least not in the long term. You may feel like someone is touching you such as while you are in bed. You may feel a brush or breeze against your skin at a time where it doesn't make sense to. You may look in the mirror one day and your reflection looks like a demon or you may look like the equivalent to that of the devil. You may suddenly be drawn to dark colours. You might drink more alcohol or gain a drug addiction, gambling addiction or sex addiction. You may go through a never ending period of bad luck - nothing seems to go right for you no matter what you do. Your thoughts may suddenly become more erratic and pessimistic. You may continuously attract people who have bad intentions towards you. There may be uneven skin colouration around your head, neck or shoulders. One part may seem lighter than the rest of your skin e.g. your forehead may be pale while the rest of your face has a pink hue. You may notice furniture moving on it's own or being out of place for no particular reason. You could have put the furniture back and then it has been moved out of place again. You may hear footsteps in your house when nobody else is there. You may see shadows on walls. You may see a black/ grey cloud- like energy from the corner of your eye.

How does a spirit attachment happen?

Spirits can attach to negative energy so when we experience a traumatic event, it leaves an opening for them, as our system has experienced a sudden shock. This event could be the loss of a loved one, a rape, abuse, bullying, divorce/ breakup, loss of a job, health scare etc. Also, if you mess around with the Ouija board, it most definitely invites spirits in. It's just a matter of how mentally strong and fearless you are that the spirits will not attach to you if you play with the dark arts.

How to get rid of a spirit/ negative entity

When trying to prevent or release a spirit from ourselves or from a house, we don't need to go to the extent of what we see in the movies or on T.V. Getting rid of spirit, is quite simple and requires no exorcism, house clearing or sage. All it takes is willpower and strength of mind. The number one method of getting rid of a spirit is by having no fear of them. By standing up to them and telling them to leave you alone or to leave your house, the negative entity will leave. If the spirit has no more negative energy to hold onto then they will go somewhere else. Now, don't fret if this method doesn't work straight away. It can take time for us to really mean what we say, and for the spirit to really take us seriously. It could work after a day, or it could take weeks or even months of continuous mental effort to be clear of the spirit. Another part of this method is by visualizing yourself surrounded by white and gold light. This is used as a protective barrier or shield against negative energy, whether that be people or spirits. It is advisable that in order to prevent future attack, that you shield yourself with this white and gold light daily and to make it part of your routine as you have now become susceptible to further attack.

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