Why higher beings incarnated as human

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Higher beings, known back in the day as "Gods", came to earth many years ago in their original form. They ranged between 8 to 12 feet tall, so to humans, they were called giants. These beings came to assist humanity, teaching whatever amount of humans that survived after natural disasters for example, the great flood. They taught humans : farming, technology, medicine, healing, astrology etc.

These beings main purpose was to help humans to look after themselves, but unfortunately humans became codependent on these beings. They saw these entities as Gods. Humans worshipped, praised and adored them. The "Gods", saw how codependent humans were and realised that they weren't going to learn as long as they remained on the planet. So they left symbols at different sites, for humanity to decipher themselves in time. These symbols would be clues as to how humanity is to evolve. Inside pyramids there are symbols of the pineal gland ( eye of horus), the kundalini serpent ( staff of hermes), and the third eye. All part of a spiritual awakening, the journey to becoming your true authentic self. When these beings left Earth, humanity panicked and didn't know what to do with themselves.

They felt that they had no one to believe in or look up to anymore. As a result, over time humans came up with bizarre ideas. They made animal and human sacrifices, in order to call back the Gods. When these sacrifices didn't work, eventually different religions were created. These religions gave people a purpose, something to believe in. Humanity looked outside of themselves to feel whole. If something didn't go right in their lives, they would blame the Gods. Wars took place in the name of God/s, healers would be killed in the name of God, Blasphemy would happen, in the name of God. These higher beings of course can see all that transpires on Earth from the higher realms, and they weren't happy with how humanity had made themselves so dis-empowered. Soooo....they came up with a plan.

Many of them would incarnate as human in order to help raise the vibration of the people of Earth. These beings would then be known as "starseeds or starseed children". These people would be born with natural psychic gifts, higher intelligence, may look young for their age, have heightened sensitivity, and learning difficulties. The starseeds will generally have a more complicated life than a native human, as the purpose for the starseeds is to learn all the traumas and terrors of being human and how to heal them. (By being able to heal humans as a fellow human.) Codependency will no longer exist by this method and nor will fear. Starseeds will be the show-runners for humanity on how to embrace the ego, reach enlightenment and see the God within themselves.

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